My mom picked this up in China during a volunteer trip last summer and it was so useful that she bought one for me too:

This plastic fan has a number of desirable, functional qualities:

1. Colour: It comes in several colours, including plain white and black. I picked the magenta one because I thought it’d be a nice addition to my mostly white outfits in the summer.

2. Portability: Unlike most plastic, hand-held fans, this fan can be easily carried. It can be attached to any lanyard and over the summer, I would generally sling it over one shoulder or across the body. It can also be hung.

3. Adjustable settings: The fan has three settings (”1″, “2″, “3″) that vary the magnitude of air being blown out. This means I can use it for very hot days or when I just need a slight cool down.

4. Recharging ability: The fan also runs on a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cable that can be connected to power outlets.

5. Multi-functionality: There is a built-in flashlight!

One issue with my fan is that it can seem too loud in very quiet spaces. During Convocation, I had my fan running but when it was really quiet, the fan seemed to be a lot louder than I usually perceived it to be. Maybe it was just my senses, or maybe this fan could be improved to be more quiet. I also rarely use it during other seasons, but that’s just the nature of the fan.