What I’ve Got: Desk Lamp Organizer

by post_author

I bought this lamp at Walmart while dorm shopping at the beginning of the year. Generally, I like to be simple and practical – in form and colour – with my dorm purchases. When i saw this lamp (and its price of ~$10), I was immediately drawn to it. 

It is a simple, black colour and the form itself is nothing unique or special – it looks like any standard desk lamp. I like this about my lamp, because I don’t need anything super sleek or aesthetically-pleasing for things like lamps, but I do like practical, “low-attention” objects that can fit well with any other decor (eg. the black colour). 

What I find more desirable is that it is a unobtrusive dorm accessory that has many functions. It has two outlets for all my cords and plugs and space to hold my stationery. 


I didn’t know this before, but after finding it on Walmart’s website, I realized that the space I use for holding writing utensils can also be used to prop up a tablet.


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