Like most students at Harvard, it’s my first instinct to dismiss any hardware that’s not build by apple, especially computers and smart phones. You can imagine my disappointment when–after having my macbook air for 4 years–I accidentally spilled tea on my keyboard and permanently damaged it. The rest of the computer continued to work, so I could not immediately justify purchasing a new laptop. Instead, I elected to go to Staples and buy a wireless keyboard. 

Like most Mac products, the Apple keyboard cost 2.5 times the least expensive option. Given my recent mistake, I could not bring myself to purchase it. Instead, I bought this Logitech keyboard, and I’ve come to love the product. For one, it’s light and transportable–wherever my laptop goes, my keyboard goes. Furthermore, it’s equally effective on top of my laptop’s keys or removed from my laptop. Finally, the wireless feature means I don’t have to put my laptop on my lap or have it directly in front of me when I type. In a way, the current scenario almost seems more desirable than typing on my laptop. Logitech doesn’t make that many different technology products, but the ones it does make, it makes quite well–just look at their keyboards.