It’s unusual that you see a product that feels like it was custom designed for you, but that’s what went through my head when I saw this in a bookstore window in Palo Alto. It’s a tin designed to look like a book – “War and Peach” – which opens to reveal a bag of tea (white tea with a peach flavor), a bookmark, and a tea ball for steeping. I am pretty obsessed with tea (as part of a college tradition, as an undergrad, I was “tried” for liking tea too much and “punished” by having to serve my professors tea during class). I was also a Russian language & literature major in college. I’m a little upset I didn’t have this idea of book & tea pairings first, since it would be great fun to come up with appropriate combinations and design the graphics (I love the peaches instead of cannonballs… and they seem especially appropriate given Tolstoy’s tendency to go into tangents about farming). Sadly, I don’t actually have this product since the bookstore was closed, but I wanted to express my admiration for it nonetheless. As it turns out, it is available online, so I may be gifting it to a few people in the future (or making my own version).