What I’ve Got: Crocs

by post_author

Crocs are the ultimate multipurpose shoe. These foam clogs with small holes in the top can be worn around the house as slippers, worn in the water as Tevas, or worn outside as shoes.  Many argue that these shoes are lame, out of touch, and clunky, and while they are certainly past their peak popularity, they are still designed well for comfort and functionality.

Crocs have straps on the back that can be flipped in front of the ankle when the user doesn’t want to use them. This allows the Crocs to function more as flip flops or slippers. When the strap is down behind the ankle (I like to refer to them as “adventure straps”), the Crocs function more as shoes for wading through water or running around.

For those who find the hole in Crocs unattractive, they can be filled with decorative shoe charms shaped as pretty much anything (sports balls, cartoon characters, nature, etc.) that personalize the shoe.

I can’t quite pinpoint when Crocs went from being a trendy, useful shoe to the footwear of choice for overweight 45-year old dads wearing socks and cargo shorts, but these comfortable shoes still have a place in today’s footwear scene.

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