Challenge 7: Giggle

by post_author

Link to our interactive prototype: Jimmy Little’s and Patrick Kim’s profiles are complete. You can click on the newest conversation.

For this challenge, we have created a dating app that matches people based on sense of humor. Giggle works by asking you to rate little comedic clips based on how funny you find them. It then offers you 5 compatible people a day: you both need to like each other for it to be a match.

This is not the project we had in mind when we created our survey. We focused on the communicability of humor in text. What our survey showed is that people find humor extremely important for forming friendship. That begged the question: how do you find people who have a similar sense of humor as you?

Before making the app, we read up on studies of humor in dating. Contrary to what we expected, there was no correlation between two partners having a similar sense of humor (based on the Humor Survey Questionnaire). However, there was a correlation where partners who reported understanding their partner’s humor lister higher relationship satisfaction. With this in mind, a user must rate clips based on how funny they find them. This method is a simple, if slightly crude way to match people who find the same things funny.

Everyday, Giggle will offer around 5 people it thinks you are compatible with. Both people then need to like each for it to be a match. We decided not to use a pseudo-infinite stack of potential matches like Tinder and Bumble, and instead limited the number like, Coffee Meets Bagel. We want people to treat each potential match more seriously than they would in Tinder.

We styled Giggle to look like existing dating apps. We used yellow, which is an underutilized color for apps (though Bumble does use it). We tried to keep everything as simple as possible. The app has 3 main panes: Settings, Home, and Conversations. Settings is where you edit your profile: picture, biography, age-range etc. It is accessible from most pages with a gear icon. It is also from where you can refine your humor preferences. Home is where you see your 5 matches for the day. You can click on them, see their profiles, and then decide to like them or not. Based on your answers in the humor questionnaire, it fills in comedians you like, so your potential matches can see what sort of humor you like. If you mutually like each other, you are shown a “It’s a Match” screen. The final pane is conversations. It is where you talk to people. Those you have matched with, but not message, are accessible at the top. Otherwise, it’s a fairly standard way to talk to people.

If we had more time, we would definitely refine our survey. At the end of the day, only two questions were really useful: people find humor critical in forming relationships, and people usually have few friendships they mainly maintain via text. Since our goal is to create friendships and relationships via text, it would be good to know how people’s relationships differ. There is also another feature we wanted to add to Giggle. Because we found in our research that women are looking for men who can make them laugh, and men look for women who will laugh at their jokes, we wanted women to be able to make parameters for conversations: no sexual innuendos, etc. We also hoped to partner with venues, so that people could organize dates to local comedy clubs. 


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