Wing serves as your automated, personal wing-man/wing-woman wherever you go. For challenge 7, we decided to build a multi-platform app that helps users build confidence and engage in effective communication when talking to a romantic interest.  


We surveyed 185 individuals and found that both men and women are more likely to respond to in-depth questions like “If you could only bring three things to a desert island, what would they be?” and comments that show interest in their lives like “what an adorable puppy in your photo!” We want to equip wing users with the ability to engage in effective romantic communication.



There are two components to our application that address both text and in-person romantic interactions:


1)   A text based interface that helps users send effective messages over text. The interface acts as a plug in for the iPhone messages application. The add-on functions very similarly to Apple’s Translate plug in, except that it suggests effective messages based on analysis of the  existing conversation and the results of our survey.

2)   Wearables that help users build confidence when engaging in in-person interactions. Our Apple Watch app sends users subtle reminders in the form of emojis to remind them to ask questions, be polite, and be confident. We also hope to expand our wearables collection to other wearable technology. For example, we present here a prototype of sneakers that display emojis on the toe of the shoe, in a manner similar to the apple watch. These wearables will also be a great conversation started in themselves!