Challenge 7: Sync

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Our platform, Sync, allows for people to avoid the awkward or lonely situation of going to events alone. Many times, people find themselves with a music taste that is different from their friends, or they want to go to a museum and everyone is busy. Research shows that 80% of millennials have missed an event they wanted to attend in the past year, due to not having the right company to go with!  

Sync allows the user to link their Facebook events they’re going to, and then view others that also say that they are going to the event. Users will set their preferences for what people they want to be able to meet up with; the variables for preferences are gender, age, and number of mutual friends.

Using our survey from #Challenge6, we found the variables that were most and least important in creating a comfortable experience for the user. For the purpose of avoiding use of the term stranger for people, we have decided to call potential connections “buddies”. The most important variable in reducing risk was that the buddies were in the same age bracket as the user. The next most important variable was that the buddies had mutual friends with the user; the larger amount of mutual friends, the more comfortable the user was with meeting up with suggested buddies.

Additionally, there is a second type of user that has access to the Sync product. Facebook users may opt in to have their Facebook Event profile visible to Sync users. This will allow Sync users to view more potential buddies through their interactions with events on Facebook. If the Facebook user says they are “interested” or “going” to an event, they will potentially pop-up in a Sync user’s suggested buddies. When a user decides to match with a Facebook user, there will be a Messenger icon on the buddy’s profile, signaling that the chat feature will take place on Facebook Messenger.

To incorporate the survey information into the platform, we will create default preferences based on the information we acquired. Therefore, the default setting upon initial setup will be open to all genders, access to buddies within five years of age, and there will be a minimum number of one mutual friend. This helps to minimize the appearance of risk right away, allowing the user to get more comfortable with the app before broadening their preferences. The user may change their preferences at any time; for example, when travelling it is suggested that people lower their minimum number of mutual friends. The user is able to change preferences based on what the event type is; however on the survey, most people did not change their preferences between going to a museum and going to a concert. The order in which the profiles are presented to the user are additionally based on the preferences presented in the survey.

Platform Potential & Expansion

Eventually the platform could expand to incorporate events using Sync to advertise their event. There is also potential for the app to become a dating app for some users, but our main aim is to create an app for friends.

User Journey

Sam is a 23-year old young professional who loves going to underground dance music shows, but none of his friends do. He ends up having to either go alone–which, as a social person, he doesn’t really like doing–or sometimes doesn’t go simply because he doesn’t have anyone to go with. Or, he hates going to museums alone, and always feels awkward when he’s traveling by himself. This is a common problem amongst millennials.

Using Sync, Sam can now find mutual friends with whom to go with! When he signs up for Sync, they are asked to log in through Facebook and share their location. He is also asked for fun random facts about himself. Then, all his events, as well as local events that he might be interested in, are imported from Facebook into the app.

In the Sync app, he can search for events that he has already clicked “Attending” on Facebook for (in the My Events tab); save events that he’s interested in; and see a list of people going to an event he’s going to. Within each event, he can click to “Find Buddies,” which will then pop up a list of people he can swipe Yes or No to. Again, two types of users will show up: other Sync users who have “hearted” this event and are looking for buddies to go with, or casual Facebook users who have use the Sync add-in to Facebook and have clicked “Attending” on the event. All these people have at least one mutual friend with him, and Sam can alter his preferences to set a minimum number of mutual friends.

When two “buddies” are matched, the Chat display will automatically give them a random fun fact about one of their mutual friends (this is why upon signup, you’re asked for a random fun fact about yourself) as a conversation starter!

As a one-of-a-kind event-specific meetup app, Sync is perfect for Sam when he’s looking for likeminded new mutual friends to go to concerts and shows with, or whenever he’s traveling in another city! 

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