What I’ve Got: ‘ripple’

by post_author

ripple:  ‘ripple is an accessory that encourages the experience of courtship in daily life, by scanning your surroundings to work out who is attracted to you. ripple widens women’s perception by giving them physical sensations to point out who is showing interest in them. if the interest is mutual, it perceives these natural reactions and amplifies the flirtatious language by moving in response to the suitor’s gaze’

What is ‘Ripple’ measuring?

“Surprisingly, the product can calculate who in a room is attracted to you and provides sensorial feedback (sweat and heart rate) once it finds someone. If attraction is mutual, its tentacles move in reaction to their gaze, amplifying the language of seduction.”

What makes ‘ripple’ desireable? 

‘ripple’ is desirable for many reasons. It making “courtship” more playful and personal. It is a wearable device that provides the wearer with physical social cues. One one hand it could be weird to draw this much attention, but the device alone offers an interesting icebreaker. It would be interesting to see how other people respond to it. Overall, it could be interesting to see how wearables could respond to a users chemistry. 


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