When I got my Macbook right before
sophomore year, I decided to invest in a keyboard skin—basically a plastic
covering for my keyboard. The investment has proven prudent; I’ve spilled soda
onto my keyboard a couple of times during the last three years, and my keyboard
skin has saved the liquid from seeping into my laptop. Keyboard skins are,
thus, incredible because they can protect keyboards from dust and, in my case,
liquids and because they are able to do so much despite their simplicity.
Furthermore, while some keyboard skins are clear, there are skins available in
color, such that one can match the keyboard skin with the laptop case, or
purse, or really anything that the user wants to match with. Of course, using
keyboard skins does require some adjustment, and they leave a sticky residue on
the keyboard, so the design is not perfect. But the advantages overweigh the
costs, so keyboard skins prove to be an incredible design.