For my spring break trip, I needed to
catch a flight from New York City (to a place with no Internet, which is why
I’m posting up many “What I’ve Got” writings in one go), and I ended up at the
JetBlue terminal. JetBlue had recently remodeled this terminal, and the
re-design is incredible, particularly when looking at the check-in area. The
check-in kiosks are slick computers (unlike the bigger, more clunky kiosk
designs for other companies). Similarly, furniture surrounding the kiosks is
geometric, thin, and futuristic in design—all contributing to the slick look
inside the entire room. There is also careful color coordination: orange and
dark blue shows up everywhere in the room; the consistency helps sustain the
design. The design also fits JetBlue’s whole promotional campaign. JetBlue has
recently decided to be incredibly flirtatious in their emails and marketing (in
that, they keep using language usually attributed to dating behavior with their
customers). And the kiosk actually reads “I’ll Check You In” and then “Check Me Out.”
Thus, JetBlue’s new terminal design is ‘desirable’ for its general modern feel
and the thought given to maintaining consistency among JetBlue’s marketing and