I just bought a pair of J/Slides shoes, and I have been pleasantly surprised by how well-designed they are. The shoes are classic laceless slides and appear very simple—almost as if any company could have designed them. However, what makes them stand out is the serious amount of padding they include. The company clearly recognizes that most comfort issues in sneakers or slides come from the shoe rubbing against the heel (particularly with shoes intended to be worn without socks, as these are). To deal with this issue, J/Slides added close to a 1/4 inch of heel padding, making the shoes super comfortable. In addition, they have a removable gel insert that forms to the foot.

I also like that the shoes appear brandless (a very millennial preference that is often difficult to find in sneakers). And yet, they are stilly trendy with a subtle platform. They are effortless to wear—you literally just slide in your foot—and are incredibly comfortable.