So much of what we’ve been thinking about in class has been not only about physical design but also about the design of user experiences, which got me thinking about the things I have that are more experience-based–like board games. One of the board games I have is the well-known game Settlers of Catan. A major design feature is that the rules are (relatively) simple but not so simple that it gets boring too quickly. There is some luck involved because dice are rolled, but evaluation of the probability of certain rolls is integral in strategy development. Another positive aspect of the game’s design is that the board changes every time, so even though you can develop general strategies, you’ll always have to adapt to new circumstances. I’ve also played two of the expansions of the game, but nothing beats the original. The expansions are fun, but they involve a lot more parts and rules. This is definitely a case where sweet and simple makes for a great experience.