What I’ve Got: NYT Video Advertisements

by post_author

In the late 1950s, cinema
heavyweight Alfred Hitchcock remarked, “In feature [fiction] films, the
director is God; in documentary films, God is the director.” This sentiment may
have proven true in a simpler time – one unburdened by “post-truths”
and fake news. Indeed, in an era of the adjustable truth, the former role of journalism and documentary filmmaking (as naturalistic observations of the “human condition”)
has seemingly mutated into a moral/ethical battlefield of factual ambiguity. As
insatiable global audiences, fetishizing the “incontrovertible” truth continue to mushroom, documentarians and journalists alike  are faced with revealing or even creating exciting “truths.”
Curiously, as a manner to seemingly (re)validate the public’s perception of the New York Times being reliable news incarnate, the newspaper teamed with Droga5 to create a brilliantly sound-designed and piano soundtracked advertisement. The ad’s simplicity and clean layout (in contrast to the busy-ness of Facebook Timelines, etc.) smartly lends credence to the Times’ credibility as a trustworthy source unaffected by the noise of false news. 

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