What I’ve Got: Futuracha Pro Font

by post_author

This font not only looks cool, but also adjusts preexisting words and letters when adding new ones. What emerges is a constantly evolving typology which adjusts to look its best with the addition of any new letter. 


This font is definitely revolutionary in how it handles the internal organization of the letters. As you can see, each letter has several iterations which are chosen based on the other letters around it, following a set of rules. My only concern with this new design is that the font is a little illegible, but this is only a problem if the font is used on long pieces of text. As a heading, Futuracha Pro will certainly turn heads with its long lines, soft edges, and, of course, adjustability.

This font is available for preordering: currently, its creators raised $86,381, well over their fixed goal of $4,000 (%2160, actually). 




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