I spent my spring break in Cartagena, Colombia (and loved it — already going through major withdrawals!), and was so inspired by how different everything was, both design-wise and not, when compared to America.

My favorite day was spent on the beach at Tierra Bomba, an island right off the coast. All day, I lounged in a hammock (pictured here: my friend doing that) under the sun, reading a book and just relaxing. For something that is essentially cloth tied together, a hammock is surprisingly comfortable and an example of great, simplistic design that truly goes a long way. It was comfortable enough that I definitely fell asleep in it, and with its flexibility, allowed me sit and lie in positions that didn’t make my neck hurt after. I couldn’t help but be amazed by how comfortable, practical, and simply designed hammocks can get—truly the best of everything. Design wise, they’re even simple enough that someone can throw one together fairly easily.