What I’ve Got: Bouquets of Art at the DeYoung Museum

by post_author

Tomorrow I am going to see the DeYoung exhibit called “Bouquets of Art”. The idea comes from the appeal of uniting two beautiful art forms. Florists from around the Bay Area have come together to create imitations or inspired bouquets according to specific paintings in the gallery. The exhibit is meant to generate conversation, help patrons relate to the paintings, create charm and whimsy, and relate art directly to nature. The exhibit especially appeals to me because it plays on the tension between drawing inspiration from a work of art and imitating or actually becoming that piece of art (the first photo vs. the second). I am excited to see how I react in person tomorrow and what sorts of commentary I hear in the gallery. Beyond these ideas of imitation and artists reacting to other artists in different media, I think the arrangements are stunning and so fun. 

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