What I’ve Got: Cowskull Art

by post_author

We purchased this unique art piece at an art show in Helena, MT. The artist’s boyfriend manages a ranch in Montana, and she used her arts background to create these beautiful pieces from the many cow skulls that are leftover after cattle is slaughtered, or have just died from other causes. The skulls really do not have any other use, and tend to not be valued. The artist created a new product with great beauty from something that was otherwise just left in the fields.

The patterns vary, and are all striking and symbolic in their own way. I appreciate the use of traditional painting and designs on a very nontraditional canvas (the skull). It speaks as a sort of modern and unique taxidermy mount, but without a direct affiliation with hunting, and using the skulls that are leftover, not hunted for showing purposes. I think this design is a clever way to re-purpose and combine differing styles in an eclectic, unique way. My husband is from Montana, so the art speaks to his home, and is a great conversation piece mounted above our fireplace. 


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