Report covers changed my experience with organization. 

I’m still a believer in taking notes by hand. While I like the personalization of handwritten notes, I often find myself wrestling with said personality before each midterm: loose pages, handouts, and other pages strewn across multiple notebooks. The report cover provides a quick and minimal solution for organization. Adding pages to a folder simply requires slipping the spine off and on, and it is easy to carry. Unlike folders, I can still leaf through my pages when it comes time for review. But the report cover shines compared with its closest competitor: the binder. Without large metallic rings to bind the pages, the cover minimally intrudes on my reading experience and often feels like flipping through a novel. The transparent cover reinforces the minimalist feel: my notes are immediately on display, and finding the right packet in a stack is quick. The cover also seamlessly allows me to add pages without hunting down a hole-punch. Most importantly, the cover protects the pages. In addition to the physical plastic covers, the lack of binder rings means my notes don’t wear down or tear when I’m doing my core action: reading the notes! Although a bit less durable than their alternatives, I’ve got report covers because they make my notes easier to access and last longer.