I wear these shoes practically every day. I’ve noticed that Boston weather tends to ruin my shoes. Having trendy shoes that last for about a year, then, is pretty perfect since they will get worn down afterwards. These H&M Chelsea boots have worked really well for me for the last couple years – I’ve just bought new ones each time the last ones get worn out! These ones, when on sale, aren’t more than $30, the material does well in the water and cold, they slip on and off so easily, and the platform adds some nice height. The treads make walking safe and comfortable, and the soles keep the Boston street texture imperceptible. I like the comfort of the soles, but the downfalls are its weight (from the platform) and how it’s a little easy to falter a little bit on the uneven brick paths. My current ones are getting kind of beat up so it might be time to get the next pair! H&M also does a good job of tweaking the style each time to keep it new, but keeping the same general style.