Our fashion company needs a quick way to survey our target demographic. Luckily, many social media platforms have a strong fashion following and fashion itself is inherently a universally accessible topic to everyone. Our fashion company creates women’s clothing so we need to get anyone who is interested in purchasing women’s clothing to participate to see how they think of desirability in their shopping purchases. Using surveymonkey’s sample size calculator, we realized that we only need around 100 people to get a substantial sample size of the target demographic but obviously more is better. With a low budget, we are essentially limited to trading for exposure or anything social-media related since we cannot pay for production or endorsements of any kind. We are choosing to use the company Instagram as our platform because the platform works well for discoverability as well as for engaging with followers’ content.

Our Target:

Young female instagram users in their 20s who are interested in becoming an influencer.


If you post your outfit ideas with at least one item from our brand, you have a chance to win a set of clothing hand-picked by one of our designers to fit your aesthetic, and also the option to become our brand ambassador.

Specific Strategy:

We intend on creating a hashtag campaign that serves as a competition and also a hiring method. We will use the following prompt: enter our competition by posting their outfit idea that includes at least one item from our brand tagging with #brandnew. In addition to the post, you need to complete a survey so we can tell your tastes. We’ll choose the five best to undergo a voting competition on our Instagram and the number one winner will receive two rewards; a set of clothing hand-picked by one of our designers to fit your aesthetic, and the option to become a brand ambassador. Since personalization is a big thing in the fashion industry right now, a set of clothes that are selected just for them can satisfy their needs of “getting something that is made only for me”. Becoming a brand ambassador has so many benefits to our target population; gaining followers, getting famous, as well as discounted items and a visit to our headquarters with the option of joining us full time!