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For our strategy we focused on engaging users through multiple channels. Our first approach is pretty classic: a pop-up on the brand’s website which asks users to take a survey in exchange for entering a lottery for $100. We hope this will incentivize users to complete the survey. Because everyone who visits the website will be asked to complete the survey, we hope to get answers representative of the brand’s target audience. The sample size we would need to have a confidence level of 95% with an interval of plus/minus 2% (assuming a population of 100,000,000, which is excessively high) is around 2500 people: it seems feasible to get that many results through the “major fashion label’s” website

Our second approach involves the brand posting some photos from the survey on Instagram. We believe that the photos in the survey are “insta-worthy” and would attract a lot of attention the platform. Our advice to the company would be that they cultivate their social media presence through frequent, high-quality posts on Instagram. Therefore, every post on their Instagram feed is an opportunity for users to click on the affiliate links and go to the website. The caption would invite users to complete the survey.

Our last two strategies involve rebranding the survey under a different purpose.

The third channel would be more unorthodox. We propose transforming part of the survey into a Buzzfeed quiz. Users would be invited to “Find out which Kardashian [they] are” and fill out a copy of the survey. Users would not know they were actually filling out a consumer preference survey. Because Buzzfeed is popular with a younger/urban audience, this would provide input from a millennial population whose tastes are more likely to form future fashions.

The fourth approach continues off of our first strategy of presenting the user with a pop-up survey. However, instead of a presenting the survey as a method to get marketing data, we would repackage it as a quiz that will recommend the user items of clothing based on their answers for a more personalized online experience. We believe that this incentive, though it may be a little deceptive, speaks to our natural self-interest.

Overall, we believe that these four avenues of user engagement will greatly increase the clicks and completion rate of the survey in question.

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