My family has had an Apple TV for a couple years now, but the new 4th generation is a game changer. It has the classic sleek design of the older models, it’s compactness being one of its biggest sellers. What makes this model stand apart from the older versions is the presence of Siri. No longer do you have to scroll through the whole alphabet to search for what you want. Even better, from the home screen you can say “Watch West World on HBOGo” and Siri will open the given app on the requested show’s homepage. The changes to the remote in terms of scrolling are great, too. Apple brings touchpad technology (think the touchpad on your laptop) for easier maneuvering, and less pressing of buttons. What may be best is the ability to download apps. You can have every streaming service (including the Ivy League Digital Network!) all in one little box. It’s hard to go back to the older model I have at school after experiencing these updates.