Challenge 5: Facebook + Pinterest Social Media Marketing

by post_author

We focused our engagement strategy to target women between the ages of 22-35 in urban areas who are looking for discounts and use social media. This was based off our interpretation of the images in the survey provided. Our idea was to use Pinterest or Facebook to advertise and convert survey respondents.

Our logic for the sample size goal, of ~270,is that there are about 16m women aged 22-32 in urban areas in the United States, and given the survey monkey tool in the links we’ve learned we need to sample 270 for 90% confidence interval with an error range of +/- 5%.  Our goal is to target the fashion community using witty descriptions and appealing graphics. 

According to tips from Survey Gizmo, we need a customized URL, and we could use an existing customer base within our fashion company.  We would use something that is easy to consume (like the focus group image above), sends the right information, and is fairly basic. This is for a wider cast of an audience and would not be brand specific.  On the Pinterest ad, we suspect a discount for loyal shoppers would yield a higher response rate, and on Facebook, a gift card (as displayed) would yield a higher response rate.  We would put $100 instead of the $250, as we suspect individuals would be more motivated by a larger prize than four or five separate smaller awards.

For Pinterest, our survey would look something like the above from John Smedley that links directly into the survey.  They have a large following, and we would want to capitalize on the following to get higher respondents.

For Facebook, we would target fashion, mommy groups, and other communities (roughly estimated by likes in the FB group) to hit 300 people.  We found

Fashion Agenda ??????    
–Membership size: 7,600+    
–Average Post likes: 20-50  

Physician Moms Groups  
–Membership Size: 2055  
–Purpose: Upper end of
income bracket, into fashion, tail end of the age bracket    

Mommy Doctors:
–Membership Size:
–Link: England

Aesthetic, Wellness and Fashion  
–Membership Size: 200    
–Average Post Likes: 5-20    

According to Mailchimp, the times with high
conversion rates for campaigns like this are 10-11am on Thursdays and 2-3pm
Tuesdays for both email and Facebook and Pinterest.

We would also want to try using a humorous, catchy image, like the three we mocked up below:

(img source

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