engagement strategy takes the form of a Pinterest pin. We used the Ralph Lauren
brand as a stand-in for the actual luxury fashion brand. Based on research on
the size of the market for women’s luxury fashion, we estimated that our
population size is about 11,250,000 people. With a margin of error of +/- 5%,
the appropriate sample size is 385 people. We selected Pinterest because it’s
used primarily by women and is already oriented towards fashion and design. 34%
of adults making over $75,000 a year use Pinterest; the platform therefore has
a demonstrated ability to attract high-income individuals who might be
interested in making purchases from a luxury fashion brand.[1]

           According to the Foster article on
social media marketing, the success of a social media campaign is determined by
its ability to reach the right people with the right messages.[2]
With that mantra in mind, our post contains images from the survey, indicating
that it is fashion-related and hopefully providing a compelling visual to
incentivize potential respondents. Our pin also markets a discount for the user’s
next purchase of a Ralph Lauren item, thereby incentivizing her to both
complete the survey and browse the website when she likely would not have
otherwise. Our strategy for attracting and motivating respondents, therefore,
is threefold. First, it is placed on a platform that is already
fashion-related. Secondly, its visuals provide key clues as to the content of
the survey. Finally, the financial reward for a response is clearly marked.