What I’ve Got: Boxed Water (Design Fail?)

by post_author

I came across this at Liquiteria last week and cannot figure out why someone would buy this over a regular bottle of water or just refill at a fountain.

First, this seems harder to carry. The human hand is more accustomed to holding circular/ cylindrical shaped objects than curving around 90-degree edges. The edges also make it harder to put into backpack pockets. 

Second, I would worry about leaking…even when there’s a layer that seals the liquid, paper feels less secure than plastic.

Third, how do you reseal this after opening??? For a plastic bottle you have a cap that is proven to work. For this do you just fold the top back into its original position? That means this packaging just cannot be in positions other than upright.

The potential advantage is saving from plastic waste. But maybe going with a reusable bottle would solve for that?

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