A product brain child from the mind Jelf Woolf, the Morpher helmet is meant to be easily condensed and easy to carry. I am particular interested in this design solution + process based on Woolf’s ethnographic research. He, a cyclist, wondered why others did not wear helmets. One of the main reasons he found was because they are to hard carry around– they do not fit in backpacks/messengers and they’re bulky. An engineer, Woolf created the Morpher to address this problem in particular. 

In the time of foldable bikes, it seems natural to have foldable helmets. The Morpher prototype became noted in 2013 when it was an Indiegogo campaign where Woolf raised over $300,000, 194% more than his goal. The helmet consists of segmented blocks of foam joined together by internal pieces of plastic straps. It’s comfort in the initial prototype was called into question by 

Purchase the Morpher for a reasonable $119 (on Indiegogo link below).