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WHAT I’VE GOT – Burrow Couch

At long last, I’ve got a couch!

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I ordered a couch sight unseen from an internet startup run by a bunch of twenty-something Wharton grads and funded by YCombinator — a sentence which is so painfully millennial I’m struggling to type it out. Thankfully, I don’t live in Brooklyn anymore.

Regardless, I wanted the Burrow couch immediately after hearing about it late last August for the same reason it’s been generating so much hype: it’s a modular, de-constructable, water-resilient and power-ported couch, done in a passably mid-century style. In short, it costs less than West Elm and looks (at least on the computer screen) nicer than Ikea — and Burrow mails their couches to you in flat-pack boxes that are perfect for lugging up walk-up stairwells!

Of course, the internet always gets the last laugh. I pre-ordered the couch at discount price in September for a promised October delivery; five months later, our has couch only just arrived in the US following a series of travails in Mexico, at US customs and in a warehouse in Chicago.

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