What I’ve Got – Outside Your Bubble Comments FeatureBuzzfeed just piloted a feature called “outside your bubble”, which collates opinions on an article from a variety of perspectives and summarizes them above the comments section (as in this article). This feature was inspired by the echo chamber that liberals and conservatives find themselves in, where their friends and media only reflect the same opinions, meaning that they don’t engage with contradictory views. I really like this feature because it summarizes opposing comments in a concise way that removes potentially rude/offensive language. Reading comments sections is usually a waste of time because they can often devolve into insults, but having a clear, readable summary of contradictory views is really useful. The original comments are still accessible, which allows a reader to delve into the comments and respond, but the section is useful to get a high level understanding of people’s comments and ensure that dissenting views are not drowned out. 

by post_author

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