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Elocutio is a platform accessible on multiple devices and by multiple services meant to improve the user’s verbal communication skills. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 90% of people that communication is the single most important skill necessary for success in the world today. Furthermore, 77% of employers now stress that soft skills are just as important as hard skills and according to a survey by LinkedIn, 60% of hiring managers identify verbal communication skills as the most sought-after soft skill. Thus, we believe that Elocutio is the perfect tool for manual laborers, the under-employed, under-educated, and other job-seeking individuals to transition into white-collar world and advance their careers.

With the slogan “Say ‘Hello’ to Elo!” Elocutio’s main functionality is its advanced artificial intelligence bot, aptly named Elo, which can engage the user in casual and formal conversation as well as provide valuable feedback to improve the user’s performance. Elo has several modes of engagement– 1) Default, which is casual everyday chatting; 2) Coach, which is training the user to speak more eloquently with a series of prompts such as “pitch this new bar of soap to a soap manufacturer”; and 3) Interview, which simulates a professional interview.  Elo is able to analyze the user’s unique speech patterns to help improve the user’s natural voice modulation, word articulation, and other speaking habits. After every conversation, Elo offers helpful tips and keeps track of the user’s progress using a points system, and ensures constant engagement by giving maintaining streaks for every day a user engages with Elo.

Furthermore, Elocutio can be integrated into the user’s residence using existing smart home technology. Elo can be activated with a simple command, “Hello Elo!” similar to “Hey Google!” , which follow Fogg’s principle of having a easy to achieve activity threshold.  Elo will also be able to be integrated with the user’s calendar. Thus, anytime the user as a free hour to spare, Elo will send a notification to the user asking to speak with him/her– i.e. something along the lines of “Would you like to say hello to Elo?” or “It’s time to say hello to Elo!”. Additionally, any time the user has an interview or presentation into his or her calendar, Elo will also nudge the user asking to practice. Although the thought has come up that the user may be discouraged that they don’t have the ability to improve, Elo’s conversational nature compensates for this, as its prompts are meant to ease people into natural conversation.



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