Devoted Developers

by post_author

Devoted Developers is a platform that narrows in on helping parents who have been out of the workforce learn how to code. Ideally, the skills they learn with Devoted Developers will help them strengthen their resume, aiding in their return to the workforce. On the platform, parents create characters from their children’s favorite books, movies, or their imagination. They then create storylines or games that will entertain their children, or appeal to their unique traits.

Before beginning their journey on the Devoted Developers, parents can view the stories and characters that other stay-at-home parents have already made, inspiring them to take part. Upon sign up, the program starts out by teaching basics of coding and assigning small projects to after sign up to help users begin to develop a character.


Devoted Developers provides a community of parents with the same goal in mind, as well as an accessible community helpline when users feel stuck. Occasional pop ups will also appear, asking “Can I help you with anything?” in order to encourage users to reach out. The goal is to encourage parents who have been out of a learning environment for a while, and prevent feelings of distress when they are having trouble getting the results they want. The community is always there to assist, and users are encouraged to participate themselves in the community to strengthen their own skills by helping others.

What brings the user back is the desire to further develop their technical skills for the workforce, as well as their child asking to see what they’ve made. Parents want to be able to please their children, and being able to provide them with an interactive online program that relates to their favorite book is very attractive to pushing the parents to finish their projects.

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