By now almost everyone has heard about
the fiasco at the Oscars this past weekend in which the award for Best Picture
was incorrectly initially given to La La Land when the proper winner was
Moonlight. It happened due to a mix-up of the card that should’ve been read,
with the awards presenter reading from a card that was meant for the Best
Actress category. If we look at the design of the Oscar results card though, we
see that it all could’ve been avoided with better design that is less
confusing. The category for the given card is typed in incredibly small font at
the very bottom of the card (can you even see it from your computer screen?).
Compare this to the size of the logo for the Oscars at the top, which is about
10x larger. It’s no wonder that presenters didn’t catch this mistake as they
announced the winner for Best Picture, since the category they’re presenting is
barely noticeable at all. If the category was typed out in larger font and at
the top of the card, a mistake like this would’ve been caught way sooner and
chaos and embarrassment would’ve been avoided.