Corporate Star is a platform focused on professional reentry for women in finance who have been out of the workforce for at least 10 years. Recognizing the difficulty of returning to work and finding a fulfilling full-time position in a desired sector, Corporate Star provides both professional development and a multi-faceted built-in support system to navigate this difficult process.

Professionally, Corporate Star provides extensive online coursework to brush up on key skills. The platform offers a seven-week customized course plan. First, the professional fills out a survey on past work experience and skills they would like to learn. A sample course plan would offer both technical skills such as Excel Modeling and softer skills such as team management. There are final assessments on the coursework and a certificate presented upon successful completion of the coursework. As women “graduate” from the course plan, they are encouraged to create their own content or share tutorials they have found helpful in their own jobs. Women can also come back to the platform to take more courses or refresh what they have learned.

Alongside professional development, Corporate Star provides its professionals with a strong support system. Each professional is assigned a coach who has successfully completed the program and whose interests strongly align with hers. The coach is invested in the development of the professional, offering both professional and personal advice. The coach also provides mock interviews, resume feedback, and regular check-ins. Once the professional is successfully placed in a position, she is encouraged to “pay it forward” and become a coach to someone else.

Additionally, Corporate Star provides a support group of women who are also working to reenter the workforce. Through monthly support group meetings, women are able to share their struggles and triumphs as they navigate this difficult process. Professionals who have made the leap back into the workplace are also encouraged to provide reflections on their own experiences to the platform, be it through these support groups, new courses, or professional blogs on the site.

Corporate Star also partners with specific companies who are looking to gain top talent and want to tap into this resource of finance professionals. For example, Corporate Star presents resumes of women participating in the platform to companies seeking to recruit from this talent pool. The strength of the Corporate Star network and the individualized attention to each professional sets women up for success.