What I’ve Got: Ikea Laundry Hamper

by post_author

This IKEA laundry hamper consists of two main parts: a metal frame and a velcro-detachable fabric bag. The white frame and bag encloses dirty clothes in a clean aesthetic, which is nicer to look at throughout the week than the growing pile. With its taller frame, it takes up a smaller footprint.

This design is perfect for those who only have to do laundry for one. Household laundry routines usually involve aggregating all members’ dirty clothes, but if you are a household of one (e.g. student), it is handy to detach this one bag and bring your haul to the laundry room. I also use the frame as a make-shift drying rack. In this way, it serves three functional roles: storage, transportation, and drying. 

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