“Small, simple, and something new, this playful perch will change the way you work. With its friendly design and revolutionary spirit, Hilo keeps you balanced between active and relaxed, fun and functional, sitting and standing.”~Knoll

I discovered Hilo at the Shift X design conference held at Harvard, and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Hilo is a “perch” that allows you to relax while standing. In this session, Benjamin Prado discussed what the chair does for us in an office space. It makes it possible to sit, work, and represents a human exists within the space. Now, when we work we move around, work, and collaborate in a different way. This specific seating is very desirable due to the ergonomics of wanting to stand, or adjusting to a seated position. It is easy to carry and fun to sit in or hang. The Hilo chair is appealing to the eye and enjoyable and engaging to sit in. Aesthetically appealing, comfortable, adjustable, and engaging this chair changes how we can exist in a workspace.

Source: https://www.knoll.com/design-plan/story/hilo