Since I already posted “What I’ve Got” with several pink items, I have decided to make a pink series documentation of my belongings. So again, another electronics I have in pink: a multi-functional hair dryer from Panasonic. I bought this hair dryer in Japan when this dryer was a big hit in the market and everyone gave high review of this product. (although I am not so sure if it is just a marketing strategy…)

In fact, I didn’t feel super impressive with its function. One of the biggest feature of this product is using “Nanocare” technology which holds more than 1000 times the moisture than minus ion, the dryer can help control damaged hair, care for the scalp, and eliminate static electricity while air blowing hair. Personally I don’t think it works surprisingly well with my hair because it still gets very messy from time to time. In terms of the design, I really like the color but not very satisfied with the size. Does hair dryer have to be that big? Also I begin to wonder: with so many functions within a product, how exactly people can benefit from it? or how to encourage people to try different function? since most people end up using the normal function after impulse buying for fancy functions.n