I’m constantly testing out new organizational tools to stay on top of school and personal commitments, and my current favorite (one month and counting) is MeisterTask. I tend to use a new app for a few days or a week before getting frustrated and reverting back to a paper-and-pencil solution, often a set of multicolored sticky notes arranged on a flat surface in my home. That solution obviously lacks portability, but it takes care of the other features I look for: color coding, sorting by due date and priority, and an at-a-glance overview of what’s on my plate. MeisterTask is one of the few apps that manages to transfer all of these features to a digital format that’s both visually attractive and easy to manipulate. Based on the kanban method, each task gets its own card, which can include checklists, notes, updates, and more. The cards can then be dragged under an appropriate heading as work progresses: MeisterTask defaults to three headings of “Open/In Progress/Done,” but I prefer to get rid of the completed tasks and instead reserve the right column for upcoming, longer term tasks. I appreciate being able to easily tailor the colors, tags, and headings to suit my preferences.