What I’ve Got: NASA VR

by post_author

I discovered this video on NASA’s website while reading about the recent revelation that 7 earth-like exoplanets have been discovered orbiting the star, Trappist-1, 40 light years away. This 360 degree artist’s representation of what it’s like to be on planet Trappist-1d is incredible in that it allows us to imagine what it’s like to walk on a planet outside our solar system that could potentially harbor life. When you explore this virtual world, you notice a few things, such as the fact that the sun shines red, and you seem to see 6 moons in the sky, (though you soon realize that they are not moons, but other planets in the star system). You begin to realize that it’s not only possible for life to exist outside of Earth; but that life could be quite different from what we’re used to on our planet. This video makes NASA’s discovery seem all the more visceral; and the possibility that we’re not alone in the universe that much more real and exciting.

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