On my recent visit to the Muji store in Boston, I stumbled upon this Smeg kettle and was instantly floored by its gorgeous, sleek design. Smeg—with its tagline “technology with design”—is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in North Italy. It’s supposed to be a perfect representation of the “Made in Italy” certification, and a quintessential example of Italian design.

In researching this design further, I found the following description on their website and found it particularly fascinating: 

“With SMEG, appliances take center stage in the heart of the home, a place where people can congregate.  The kitchen integrates all of their functions, and becomes a perfect, fully-equipped backdrop for those precious and enjoyable moments.”

This is something I was able to glean even just my initial look at the SMEG kettle sold at the Muji store. The design was inviting and evoked desirable feelings in me. And most of all, the design certainly was, and felt, unique—certainly different from any other kettle I have seen before.

This combination of a unique, chic, and modern style for a kettle made this product particularly attractive to me, and reading deeper into SMEG’s history reminded me of how overarching the design of products like this is. SMEG’s design is a perfect story of its deep history and of Italian tradition. Although priced quite high (~$150 for a kettle!), this is certainly a product I hope to get in the future.