The Sensorex Automex is a 35mm film camera manufactured in 1967 by the Japanese brand Miranda. Although by the standards of today’s cameras and even compared to the cameras being manufactured the Sensorex is very barebones, that is exactly what makes it such a good design – it stands the test of time both structurally and visually. A few months ago my grandfather gave me his Sensorex and, no surprise, it is still in perfect working condition. The camera itself is very sturdy and, although a little weighty, feels much more “solid” than it does “heavy.” Carrying the Sensorex, its presence is felt as an assertive object, contrasting to the flimsy frames of some cameras of a similar ilk. Similarly, just from a visual perspective, the Sensorex carries great poise with its black body and stainless steel trim. The typeface is distinctive and highly readable, and the orange highlights are subtle yet effective. All of this comes together with the four-pointed star emblem on the hood to create a highly compelling design, one worthy of 50 years of usage.