What I’ve Got: Cranes in the Sky Music Video

by post_author

Solange’s Cranes in the Sky music video (the song for which she won a Grammy) is my inspiration for the week. The video was the result of a collaboration between Solange, her husband Alan Ferguson, and photographer Carlota Guerrero. The aesthetics of the music video were purposefully designed to add a “visceral new dimension” to the lyrics, themes, and mood of her song and album, A Seat at the Table (Vogue). The music video features Solange and other black women in a variety of avant-garde fashion pieces in various settings throughout New Mexico, New Orleans, and Texas. It’s less like a typical music video and more like a museum film feature. According to Solange, it was important for the aesthetics of the video to complement the themes of her music to create powerful, avant-garde images of black people, as more often than not, black people are put into a box aesthetically and musically. I love the use of color in the video, the subtle movements, the themes that are illuminated, and of course, the music that accompanies it!

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