I drop my phone. A lot. As a result, I place a lot of value in protecting my phone’s screen from scratches and cracks. I’ve got Skinomi’s TechSkin Screen Protector because it manages to protect my phone without detracting from the experience like other screen protectors. The cover itself perfectly fits over my phone’s glass portions while leaving pre-cut holes for functionality, such as the home button and forward-facing camera. Made of thermoplastic urethane, TechSkin is not only softer and more impact-resistant than typical polyurethane screen protectors, but also self-healing for dents and minor scratches. Although I drop my phone almost daily, the screen shows no signs of damage, regardless of corner or head-on impacts. Due to its wet-mount process, TechSkin forms an excellent seal with the phone upon application, leaving no room for dust or peeling underneath the cover for years after the application. Finally, as TechSkin is porous, any air bubbles trapped during application or use eventually seep out after 1-2 days. For its functionality, high durability (I’ve had mine for three years), minimal intrusiveness, and price point (about $10 for 1), TechSkin has earned my trust.