What I’ve Got: Awake – The Caffeinated Chocolate Bar

by post_author

There is now a solution for those who are struggling to stay awake, are in need of that extra push, but who dislike drinking coffee. One standard bar of chocolate with 4 cubes contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. The chocolate comes in a few varieties — milk, caramel, dark — but perhaps the most desirable aspect of this product is not how accessible it makes the caffeine, but the packaging itself. The mascot of the product is an owl, designed in sleek lines and shapes that hint at a high level of detail (such as the scale-like feathers) without overburdening the design. Awake has a set color palette which creates a cohesive narrative throughout the wrapper. For example, the logo itself is in yellow, as are the eyes of the owl, visually connecting to the theme of caffeine and staying awake. They also include a hint of light blue, reviving an otherwise brown and bleak palette.  

Aside from the visual appeal, Awake also has a great sense of humor. On the back of the chocolate bar, the product explains: “Consume 1 piece of AWAKE and you’ll be ready for wringing out a washcloth or possibly closing a very heavy door. Two pieces, and you’re ready for a conversation withe a 3 year-old, writing a book report, or cornering a cagey marmoset. Three pieces and you’re 3/4 AWAKE — ready to run an impromptu 5k, paint the house (both floors), or become a successful auctioneer. Eating four pieces of AWAKE will have you ready to take a 53 hour Road Trip, cram for midterms, or hike Mt. Rainier — up and down— in an afternoon.*

*Actual states of AWAKE may vary by height, weight, diet, disposition and willingness to believe.”



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