I’ve got this sea salt body scrub from Sabon. I like it first of all because it works amazingly well. After one use, my dry skin is practically gone. But I also really love the design of the product. It comes in a large glass jar, so even though the scrub is on the expensive side, you feel like you’re getting a high end product. The only problem with this is that is that it is somewhat impractical since broken glass in the shower is not ideal. However, the glass seems to be extra strong or reinforced because mine has yet to chip despite a few unfortunate falls. 

While I do think they regular scrub container looks classier than most of my other bath products, I prefer the shape of the sugar scrub container (picture below), which is more oval shaped instead of round. However, it costs more per ounce, the scrub itself is less exfoliating, and the brown color is less appealing.