I got this alarm clock as a gift when I came to college and it has tons of cool features. It is bluetooth-enabled to allow you to play music from your phone or computer, and even comes with a plug-in antenna so you can listen to radio (not sure if anyone uses this feature but it’s still cool!). It has a USB port on the side so that you can charge your phone or other appliance. But the coolest feature is probably the alarm clock’s portable charger. It has a cylindrical hole which the portable charger fits perfectly into; the charger charges itself while inside the alarm clock and pops out with the touch of a button. The USB port on the portable charger remains exposed when inside the alarm clock, so if you wanted to you could use it as a second port to charge a phone or iPad. Another feature that I really appreciate is the screen dimming feature. The screen has 6 levels of brightness so that the screen doesn’t interfere with your sleep at night.