What I’ve Got: Soho House Chicago’s Modern Interior

by post_author

I visited Chicago for the first time this past weekend, and my friend who had previously lived there recommended me to go to Soho House, claiming I’d absolutely love it. And that, I did. A multi-purpose amalgam of cafe, bar, restaurant, and relaxed hangout space, Soho House Chicago epitomizes modern interior and design. With its myriad nooks and crannies, filled with gorgeous books on topics ranging from modern art to Parisian living, this was honestly a place of my dreams.

The design here was minimal yet elegant, with lots of whites and minimal corners. Everything was perfected in terms of creating one cohesive, modern, and contemporary look to the place—from the chairs to the lighting to even the type of crowds that it attracted. This space, though contemporary with its minimalism, is also strangely reminiscent of quintessentially Victorian-era interior, making this a particularly interesting design.

But ultimately, you can’t deny: this place is just so gorgeous, chic, and breathtaking. I honestly wish I could have just moved in here forever.


All photos above were taken by me. 

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