I have a tendency to take notes on a clip-board, and then lose those papers and never use the notes again. If I write notes in a coil-bound notebook, they often end up in incorrect orders, high quality notes next to scratch-notes, and are bound (literally) to where they are. I also do not really like using rigid, bulky, binders, and take fewer hand-written notes in graduate school than during my undergrad, so I don’t need a lot of storage. In summary, my desirable notebook would be flexible, small, and sleek, with removable and replaceable pages. And in comes the NoteBinder- a recent discovery of mine that combines the functional flexibility of a binder with the physical flexibility of a notepad. Pages can be removed, inserted, moved around, and still, the notebook can be flipped over, notes can be taken on the back of the front cover, and it is as sleek as a small notepad. I highly recommend this item to anyone looking to revolutionize their note-taking experience.