What I’ve Got: Apple Battery Case

by post_author

This particular Apple iPhone case demonstrates the competition between functionality and visual aesthetics. A widely popularized issue with iPhones is their battery life, and this case attempts to resolve this complex problem. The “bump” in the case’s back holds numerous lithium-ion cells to continuously charge your phone throughout the day. However, this benefit clearly subtracts from the visual appeal of the case and burdens the user with its bulkiness. A possible flaw in its design is that unlike most charging cases, Apple’s version does not allow the user to switch off the charging functionality, which reinforces Apple’s minimalistic design motif. Two important components of this case’s design is both its high-friction material, which “grabs” objects and your hand well, and the disguised flexible top, which allows the user to seamlessly slide his/her iPhone into the case. This product’s curved edges and smooth design resembles the futuristic look of the iPhone; however, this appeal is slightly sacrificed in lieu of performance.

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