In the age of the delicate smartphone, function and design participate in an intricate dance in the realm of protective cases. While others may prefer the more ostentatious, boxy protection afforded by brands such as Otterbox, I personally enjoy the sleek yet equally (if not more) aesthetic of the Tech21 case. Having used both brands, I find that I enjoy the ability to easily grasp my phone in my hand or slip it into a pocke rather than awkwardly hold it in a giant case. The innovative bubble wrap-esque impact protection design as well as the subtle bumpers in the inside of the case ensures I am not sacrificing fucntion for fashion; in fact, I have yet to crack a phone with the Tech21 case but have had a phone crack INSIDE of the Otterbox case despite all its size/purported protection.

Tech21 embodies modern tech desirability through and through, making me a proud and loyal customer!