What I’ve Got: Tabletote Computer Stand


This gadget is the hero we need but don’t deserve. 


Ever since I started college, I’ve been looking for a portable, light, and compact computer stand that is also height-adjustable. It took seeing it from a friend and some searching that I came across Tabletote’s stand on Amazon. It was almost a miracle. 

This computer stand came in a size no larger than a PC laptop and is very light. When you slide open the casing’s two flat sides, it reveals the four legs which operate similar to a photographer’s tripod. There are three height levels that accommodate various settings and postures. But even more — the one side of the casing slides onto the other, creating an expandable surface that can hold up a mac and a notebook on the side. Additionally, there are a few gadgets that came with the stand that are meant to hold up phone and beverages. 


This past weekend I was helping to host the high school debate tournament that was taking place on the Harvard campus. Everyday I’ve seen someone carrying this portable stand around, using it as a podium. Its popularity with the debate community shows how nifty of a gadget it is!

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